$240,022 In 6 Months With Seeking Sigma

Learn how Seeking Sigma helped Guardian Audits generate consistent pipeline & $240,022 in 6 months.

Guardian Audits provides pay-per-vulnerability smart contract security to various web 3 projects including GMX, NFTR and Bridges. They work across the Fantom, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche, Ethereum and Gnosis chains. They have a portfolio of 500+ findings from dozens of security reviews and 100+ critical vulnerabilities prevented.

They joined Seeking Sigma in late 2022.

Deal flow was up and down, couldn’t get a consistent pipeline of clients

Before working with us, Owen & Daniel (founders of Guardian Audits) relied heavily on their network and personal reputation to deliver referrals as clients. While this worked and referrals did convert into high-paying clients, it led to a consistent feast and feminine approach where some months would deliver incredible revenue but other months would be incredibly dry. It felt like a revenue roller coaster ride that no one wanted to be on.  

This is actually the most common problem our customers come to us with. In most cases, they’ve figured out product/service market fit, made a few sales and delivered incredible results for their customers. Based on this, they’ve got some money in the bank and a proven track record of serving customers but they have no idea how to generate a consistent pipeline month after month that they can rely on. 

That’s where Seeking Sigma comes in. 

Getting off the revenue roller coaster

After their war map call with Courtne, Owen & Daniel quickly decided that they needed to go all in on building a funnel that would consistently deliver qualified leads which were already bought into their ability to deliver client results. This would dramatically cut down the sales cycle and considering how busy they both were with service delivery this was a massive help.

We got to work first by streamlining their offer and writing a compelling sales argument that would take prospects from A - Z. We then installed our SFA infrastructure and marketing funnel into their website and our team of in-house editors brought their sales letter to life with a VSL (video sales letter).

Next, it was time to get eyeballs. Since their target market is web3, Twitter was the obvious outbound distribution channel of choice and as with all of our clients, YouTube was the perfect mid-funnel audience nurturing distribution channel. 

They followed our protocols to the letter and weekly check-in calls with Courtne sped up their ability to complete action items and get everything set up at lightning speed. 

They leveraged our done-for-you YouTube content service to start producing consistent YouTube content every week which they then boosted with our YouTube growth protocol paid advertising campaigns. 

Now their brand is recognized throughout their niche and they have nearly 50 videos on their YouTube channel. The results speak for themselves:

Becoming a brand authority and generating $240,022 in 6 months

Within 6 months they started noticing a massive difference in how consistent their pipeline was and if they needed to hire someone, they no longer ran into issues since a lot of developers in their hiring pool were already interested and recognised them as authorities on their topic and are very receptive to working with them. 

In the interest of transparency, Guardian Audits has very kindly given us permission to display some of their results with us which are all traceable on the blockchain for anyone to verify:

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