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Learn how Seeking Sigma helps The Paid Search scale with effective outreach methods.

The Paid Search is a digital marketing agency specialising in Google Ads for e-commerce businesses with more than $10,000/m in sales. The agency is 1 year old, headquartered in London and was founded by George Clements. 

They joined Seeking Sigma in early June 2023.

Unable to scale due to ineffective outreach methods

George quickly implemented the Seeking Sigma growth protocols and greatly benefited from the 1:1 war map calls where Courtne assessed his business, bottlenecks and goals. Based on these conversations, it became evident that George should divert his attention away from outbound and double down on our inbound infrastructure since he already had done some of the foundational work required to make these systems work.

The two inbound distribution channels we decided to focus on were Twitter and YouTube. George made use of our done-for-you YouTube content editing service to get to work producing 2 YouTube videos per week consistently. These videos were then transposed to weekly emails sent out to his pipeline of prospects to nurture them and get them closer to booking sales calls. They were also used as sales enablement assets (something we cover in detail and put a lot of focus on) to push reluctant prospects over the fence and buy.

On the Twitter side of things, George was able to explode his Twitter personal brand growth by running targeted Twitter ads to get more eyeballs onto his profile and using regularly paid retweets from large accounts in his target market. He implemented an effective strategy for content production which enabled him to be consistent with posting while at the same time ensuring that every tweet delivered massive value to his audience. An effective and proven process of appointment setting converted this audience into calls with a conversion rate George had never seen before with any of his outbound efforts. Ditching guru outbound methods & focussing on inbound strategies.

Targeting $600,000 in annually recurring revenue by the end of the year

Within 2 months of working with us and using our protocols, The Paid Search doubled its monthly recurring revenue from $10k/m to $20km:

This is a 2x ROI (return on investment) in under 8 weeks. 

For the first time ever, George actually is having to devote most of his time to hiring new team members to keep up with demand and is actively adding potential clients to his waiting list since his current team is at capacity. 

With The Paid Search finally growing rapidly and consistently, George now feels that getting clients is easy and he’s happier than ever with how things are going. He’s able to travel way more and enjoy life fully.

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The growth patform for SaaS businesses.

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The growth patform for SaaS businesses.

© 2024 Seeking Sigma Limited. All rights reserved.